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58456746 the free trial license allows you to download this product for free for a limited time to check the 11:06 The Milky Way galaxy - the stars, the Sun, other worlds | NASA In the last episode of our ongoing journey through the night sky, you'll get to see a s... In the last episode of our ongoing journey through the night sky, you'll get to see a sneak peek of the giant telescope we've been working on for months, the James Webb Space Telescope. And when we're done watching it's getting launched to our galaxy's backyard. This is the epic, story of the human species and their cosmic wonders. NASA Hubble catches a glimpse of ancient galaxy 10:47 NASA-JPL-Caltech: Galaxy Formation in the TullyFisher Relation | From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Tully-Fisher relation is a redshift-dependent relation that describes the relationship between the luminosity of galaxies and the rotation speed of their gas. The relation was discovered in 1977 by an astronomer named Irwin Tully. In 1977, astronomersJohn Huchra and Francois Ramella noticed that the rotation speeds of galaxies at a given distance were linearly related to their total apparent brightness. The reason for this was because the further away galaxies are, the more distant light they reflect. As Tully points out, it is very difficult to measure galaxy rotation speeds using direct measures because the galaxies we observe in our local universe are highly inclined. However, galaxy rotation speeds can be measured indirectly by using the Doppler effect, because they are greatest when the galaxy is viewed edge-on. At the time, Tully noticed that the relation between rotation speed and luminosity held independently of galaxy morphological type, but did not report it. The Tully-Fisher relation holds in the nearby universe, and shows that an average spiral galaxy is 1,000,000 times more massive than the Milky Way. The Hubble Deep Field was used to quantify the Tully-Fisher relation, and the result showed a large scatter in the relation. One solution to this problem is that Tully's sample may be biased against galaxies with low rotation speeds and high inclinations. The



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Sandra Orlow Images 13 baligis

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